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Roast beef or BBQ It is a pleasure that everyone enjoys; a culinary technique that almost everyone thinks to know; and an art full of secrets, tricks and skills that few mastered to perfection. If you are going to have a party at home and want to entertain your guests with the best roasted meat in south Florida, hire Emilio BBQ Catering Service not only is your best choice, but also the most economic. Here's why: For the Gonzalez family, the art of cooking and preparing meats and roasts is a tradition that now includes 3 generations.. A tradition that in the past 25 years has focused on perfecting the technique of grilled or BBQ Grill as it is also called. When you hire the services of Emilio's BBQ not only you are ensuring the professionalism and the indisputable quality of your roast while having more time to attend to your guests, also if you add up all your expenses and the risk of having to discard some of the food you bought, then you will see that is also your most economic option.

The key to our success and the quality of service we offer is in our high level of expertise. We are in the business of food delivery, and provide the best service roasts (BBQ) in South Florida. If you are going to have a party at home we take care of everything related to your food: * We select the products to roast (beef, pork, chicken or fish) of the highest quality and freshness existing in the market and we moved it to your home. We guarantee the best cuts.

In our own BBQ (unless you specifically indicate that you want to use your own) we prepare the roast, guaranteeing an adequate process of cooking the meat, which by its juiciness and excellent taste will delight your guests. We have all the necessary tools to ensure the quality of the entire process.

We will add the companions that you prefer and will help you select them in ways that are best suited for your grilling. We include disposable dishes, cutlery and cups ..., we serve the food and leave everything clean and well organized at the end ... so that you deal with only one thing: serve your

All our employees--bussers and chefs, hostesses and sauciers--is driven by an all-consuming passion to create delicious food and extend impeccable service. It will look good, you will look good and it will be economic: we take the BBQ to your home and take care of everything.

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